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Speaking up and SAYING what you are THINKING is so difficult in leadership. I see something going wrong or not working right, I have a million thoughts about the issue explode in my head with multiple solutions, then I say nothing and let the issue pass because I don’t want to say the wrong thing or I think someone else will or should see the issue and address it. Most of the time when I say nothing I end up with a truck load of regret and frustration. I am learning that if I want my team, event, or organization to succeed I better find a way to say what I thinking in a thoughtful but courageous way. Thoughtful because how I give advice or direction has a direct connection to how people respond to my idea. Courageous because I have to choose to speak up and it is much easier to just keep my mouth shut and not make anyone feel uncomfortable. What I am finding is that I need to say what I am thinking more. More than that, we all need to speak up more. Our perspective might be what God is going to use to take our team, event, organization to the next level.