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This week I am using a few vacation days on Spring Break to take my family on a little adventure out of town. I am a big fan of vacation and I think more spiritual leaders need to get on board. I am shocked that so many leaders I know do not maximize their vacation time for their families and spiritual health. I seriously question if it is possible to be a healthy spiritual leader if you are not willing to let go and get away. Taking time off from work does a few things for your soul…

  • Things are going to be OK without you in the office // I know this is hard to come to grips with but when you go on vacation everything will be fine. If it’s not you need to build a better volunteer base. Let go and realize things will move forward without you and that is just fine.
  • Your soul, marriage, and kids matters more than your ministry // Work and progress are deceptive at times. They lure us to believe that they are the most important things in life. Truth is that your marriage, your soul, your kids, matter so much more than anything else. Vacation helps us get a better perspective.
  • Rest makes you a better leader // A rested leader has better perspective and makes better choices. A tired leader operates on leftovers and that can be costly to the organization. Rest makes you better.
  • There is more to you than just your work // This is a needed reminder for all of us. There is more to us than what we do. Leaders who never rest become defined by what they do and not who they are.

Use your vacation. We budget and plan for it in our home because it’s important to us. Even if you don’t go anywhere stay home and tackle a project, read some books you have been wanting to check out, set up appointments with a local church you want to visit and learn from them. Getting away, using your vacation helps you be a better leader. Maximize that time so you can maximize your mental and spiritual health.


As for me and my blog this week, I’m on vacation! See ya in a few days!