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Here at Grace Community we are always on the lookout for ways we can serve our city. Rivers and Spires is a local city festival that really tries to bring our community together to celebrate everything that is “Clarksville” once a year. This is our second year to work with the festival organizers and they are just GREAT to work with and really have a heart for making Clarksville the best city it can be. GCC is a festival sponsor and we are looking for volunteers to serve with us on Friday and Saturday of the festival as we run the TEEN area. An OUTDOOR arcade, Rock Wall, tons of Blow up games, Army simulation area (YES! dive a tank or something!!) are a just a few things we will be making happen. We get the chance to serve families at the festival and be a part of this city event. If you are connected with GCC we want you to join us in serving this weekend. You can let us know you want to serve by clicking on the logo below and sing up at!!! Join us as we serve at Rivers and Spires, then go enjoy your city!