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This year I fell in love with the show Shark Tank. I know I’m late to the party but I’m huge fan of the show. I have a entrepreneurial spirit deep in my soul. I love to start things so the idea of people presenting their dreams to investors is so captivating to me. As much as I enjoy watching people present their ideas to the Sharks I really love watching how the different Sharks operate. What’s amazing is that each of the sharks are successful but unique in their approach to business and investing.

  • Each one of these successful leaders made their mark in a different way.
  • Each one of the Sharks interact with prospective partners in different ways.
  • Each one of the Sharks evaluate what will be a success in different ways.
  • Each one determines their investments in unique ways.

The Sharks on Shark Tank are proof that there is no one way to find success or make a lasting impact. They are also proof that there is no set mold a successful leader has to fit in.

Let me ask you a ministry question…

As a ministry leader are you striving to make your own mark or are you mimicking the passions and giftings of your mentors?

I think as a ministry leaders we can all look back and think of leaders that we look up to and we have learned from. A common trap for every ministry leader is to stop learning from other leaders and start idolizing them. We convince ourselves that if we can lead, speak, or create like our mentors somehow we will find success. The problem is that in ministry we are never called to be become like our mentors but rather like Christ. When we base our identity and worth as a leader on how we compare to our mentors we begin to idolize them. What God needs from you is for you to be you…the you God created and called.

As a leader in the church your real call is to humbly be yourself, serve others, and lead with conviction. If God called you into ministry then he wants you and not another copy of Andy Stanley, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Steven Furtick, or Bill Hybels. God called you so learn from your mentors and strive to develop your own voice and style of leadership.

Lead well and trust God to equip you to advance His Kingdom!