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What a great week…got o see Sherwood (a band for you guys who do not know them…look them up on myspace) at Rocket Town in Nashville and then got 2 days to be with my wife and paint. YEs I did say paint. I type in victory knowing that it only took us 2 months but we finally have the entire house painted. Tuesday night Chelsea too the kids to my mom to stay for a few days, I went to the concert with some students from Grace Community. The concert was amazing but I knew that when I got back home it would be painting time. Chelsea and I painted for 2 straight days. NOTHING but painting, it was wild. Our hands are about to fall off. I learned how to cut in, yes I was amazed. I am slow at that but man I can roll some paint fast. I might need to start my own company and go for it….NOT. Thrilled to be done! The colors look great.

About the concert on Tuesday, man it was great. The coolest thing was watching Sherwood go out there and outplay every other band. I am so serious, they really showed out. They were together, vocally amazing, and tons of energy – they were not even headlining! That was wild to see them give 100 percent when it was not even their tour. Lesson in that for all of us, at every opportunity give it 100 percent. The bible says do everything to the Glory of God. I know I get weird inspiration but it is true. No matter if you are working for a company, a church, our just having fun with a hobby give it 100%. We are only given this day – so why not go for it, no regrets. Effort is a choice, excellence is a choice – we will never be perfect but why not go for it!