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I am headed to spend a few days at an event called Refuge put on by the team at Student Life. What is goal? The intent is to gather youth leaders together to worship, listen to, and connect with God. It is that simple and I am so stoked about having that one goal for Monday and Tuesday. We are all busy when it comes to student or family ministry. There is always another meeting, event, or crisis to deal with. All of us are always fighting to protect time with our wife and kids. Most of us are driven and want to see the ministries lead grow and make a difference in our cities. When you serve in a fast paced environment you need time to slow down and listen to God. Honestly if you don’t get intentional about time with God it really will not happen. I almost dropped out of setting Monday and Tuesday aside because of all the things coming around the corner at GCC. Our team is right in the middle of a busy season. What I realized 2 weeks ago was that there was nothing more pressing that I needed other than time with God. My goal is to slow down and listen.

Are you in a busy season of ministry packed with pressure? Maybe you need to add some time to slow down and listen to your to-do list. Get intentional!