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Growth is good. I have never met a leader who didn’t want to see growth in their ministry. Growth means more people are discovering Christ, finding community, and serving others. Growth is also relative. Relative in that each year God gives us a new perspective, new goals, and new opportunities. The crazy thing about growth is sometimes it can lure us into playing it safe, getting comfortable, and settling for good over great. If your ministry is growing then you better work hard to… 

  • Get smaller // a big crowd is great but life change happens through one on one relationships. Bigger just means you better have a plan to get people in small groups fast!
  • Get personal // return phone calls, answer emails, write a note to a volunteer. Getting bigger just means you have to work harder to stay connected to those you lead!
  • Be authentic // get over yourself. Be real, be you, be consistent, be transparent.
  • Be bold // stay and do what God is calling you to do even if people walk away. People stopped following Jesus when He led. I bet some people stop following you.
  • Get risky // go for it! Growth just means you next risk is going to be bigger. Faith leads to risk.

Guess what, in the Kingdom of God we can’t settle. Glad the ministry you lead is growing…now get back at it and keep moving forward!