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Steve Griffith used to tell us all the time, “God blesses what God blesses!” It is so true! We do not get to choose how, when, on who, or where God chooses to pour out his blessing. God is on a mission in our world! Did you know that? His mission is wrapped up on helping every human being know they were made by HIM and they are loved by HIM and Jesus made the way to a relationship with HIM. His plan to spread this news is in a group of people he calls his CHURCH. We are not talking about a building or denomination, we are talking about the billions of people who have followed Jesus for thousands of years. It is so clear when you see and group of Christians gathered together (a church) that has IT. IT being that blessing of God that comes when we are passionate about the the things God is passionate about. This book by Craig Groeschel is a look at that kind of blessing on leaders and churches. This is a turning point book in the life of Craig and I am so thankful for his blog and they work is doing. Here are some quotes that hit me hard from the book…

  • Be generous with IT! Find a church that could benefit from what you are doing and adopt them. – 153
  • As God blesses your ministry with IT, remember that those without IT tend to criticize those with IT, especially when you do things differently. – 99
  • Mother Teresa quote…wow…”None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we all can do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – 77
  • I’m not suggesting that expanding or doing new things are wrong. But you can’t overestimate the power of focus…Doing the wrong new things, things that usurp what God calls us to do, is dangerous. Focus tents to let IT breathe. Lack of focus generally suffocates IT. – 58