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If you want to be a leader in your organization you have to be willing to speak up! Let me clarify what speaking up looks like. When a major issue confronts your organization you have to be willing to take a risk and put your personal thoughts about the issue there for the rest of your team. You have to be willing to speak up and collaborate with the team. Sure, there is a proper place and time to share your thoughts and timing is so critical when it comes to this process but at some point you have to be willing to give input and accept responsibility for your contribution! I think what keeps many of us from “speaking up” may look like this…

  • what if I am wrong?
  • what if my team rejects my idea?
  • what do I really have to say…”I’m not the expert”
  • what if my opinion does not count and I find out I don’t have as much influence as I thought?
  • if I keep my mouth shut I can avoid being responsible for the decision that is about to be made!

Forget all those excuses…WHAT IF YOUR CONTRIBUTION CHANGES THE DIRECTION OF YOUR ORGANIZATION FOR THE BETTER? What you have to contribute may be the missing link your team needs! Will you be willing to speak up and share what you are thinking with the rest of your team or with your supervisor? Speaking up can change a church, youth ministry, restaurant, business, or non-profit for the better. Speaking up will also keep you engaged and passionate about your role in the organization. Nothing kills momentum like apathy! Will you be willing to take the risk and speak up?