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This week is the NFL draft and I heard a comment the reminded me of the power of STAYING when it comes to effective leadership in ministry. The Tennessee Titans general Manager said…we can take a risk on a younger player in the draft because we have a stable coaching staff that has been together form many years that can develop that player. Ok, I summarized that but you get the point…TEAMS THAT WORK TOGETHER, LONGER HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO LEAD IN A MORE EFFECTIVE WAY. Why…because leadership flows out of relationship. When you stay plugged into a church or organization for the long haul you build relationships of significance, you build trust, and create momentum that makes strong, consistent leadership possible. I am working on my fourth year here on the staff of Grace Community Church and I promise that leading from the stability of quality, trusting relationships is significant in my life right now. Parents know me, teens know me, kids know me and these relationships help create trust when I step out and lead our family ministry team in a new direction. When you lead you have to have people following you…when people know you they are more likely to come along for the journey! I will be the first to tell you that when you are young you will have many times where you find yourself in new leadership roles. You will have to move around to discover who you are, who you work best with, what your true calling is, but there will come a time to stay. When we choose to plug in and stay your leadership influence might just go to the next level.