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This past week we had our final student gathering (REMIX) and family experience (Cross Street Live). At both experiences I still got nervous! Why? Why am I nervous about a weekly/monthly experience where some of the most talented people in our city are involved in pulling it off? Why after working with parents and teens for 13 years do I still get nervous? I have been processing if being nervous is good or bad and I have landed on the side of good. Worry (or next level nervousness) is bad and worry is so different from having the jitters. When I am worried I am assuming responsibility for things I have no control over. When I worry I am telling God that I am not sure He will deliver. Being nervous flows out of a desire for excellence…expecting to see God do something amazing…from the place of being fully prepared and waiting for the moment. NERVES are natural. No one ever told me that as long as I was doing something I was passionate about, putting my heart and soul into my work that I would ALWAYS be a little nervous before speaking or leading or serving or helping. Why? BECAUSE I CARE! I am beginning to think that when you stop being nervous about the environment you lead it might be time for a change of pace or place! So there you have it. I still get nervous…do you?