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In just a few days 5,000 youth ministers, senior pastors, volunteers, children’s pastors, college, and preschool pastors are going to descend on Atlanta for The Orange Conference and there is still room for you to join us. By the time you read this post we will probably be 20 leaders away from going over 5,000 at Orange and if you are 5,001 you are going for free to the 2013 Orange Conference thanks to the team at Minister Search sponsoring the spot! The Orange Conference has been a part of my life for the past 5 years and I am such a better leader because of the time I have spend around this conference every year. Next week I’m taking some of our staff from Grace Community Church and I am blogging from the conference. Here is what I am looking forward to next week at Orange…

  1. Connecting with other leaders // there is no better place like Orange to meet tons of next generation leaders. I am so blessed every year as I get to connect with and learn from so many leaders passionate about reaching the next generation!
  2. Dreaming with our staff // every year our team walks away with significant ideas that we get to bring back and implement in our church.
  3. Evaluating, evaluating, evaluating // love having time to get away and just evaluate how our family ministry team is doing…sometimes you just need time away to get better perspective.
  4. Laugh, celebrate, and refuel // a great conference allows you to do all three! Can’t wait to do all three!

That’a what I’m excited about. There is still time to jump in and it’s worth it even if you can only come to pre-conference or to Thursday and Friday sessions only. Get registered today and join us at Orange 2012!