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This week Chelsea, my wife, was leading a webinar for ParentMinistry.Net and she had a great question come up.

What do you do as a children’s or student pastor when you feel like you’re leading on an island and your senior leadership does not support you?

We have all felt like that so please don’t think you’re alone. If you’re a next generation leader there are times when you feel like no one has your back. There are seasons when it seems no one is as passionate about parents and kids as you are. There are even times when you have been hired to handle the “problem” of kids and teens in church so the adults can do the “important things.” You may have led on a ministry island or you may have just felt like you were isolated but no mater the case it’s not a fun place to be.

If you find yourself on a ministry island I would encourage you to immediately start trying to get off that island. Here is how to begin…

  • Never allow isolation to push you to disrespect. >> You can never relinquish control of your attitude and your respect of the authority God has placed over you. Fight to live a life of honor even if you feel disrespected.
  • Have the courage to share your perspective. >> Speak up. Your leadership can’t read your mind. Share how you are feeling and do it at the right time and right place.
  • Discover what your senior leadership defines as a win for your ministry. >> Let your senior leadership know your goals and dreams but also discover what they feel is a win for your ministry.
  • Work to fight for the health of your church not just your ministry. >> Care about the church as much as you care about your part of the church. Be a positive influence for the vision and direction of the church.
  • Pray more than your stress. >> Seriously focus on praying more than you worry. Pray God will give you influence in your ministry setting.
  • Never stop leading up and casting vision. >> You are the voice for next generation ministry. Be the voice for the kids and teens your church serves.

If you’re leading on an island don’t automatically think it’s time to leave. Fight for health where you’re at and God will let you know when it’s time to leave. You can help your church staff become a healthy team if you are willing to leave the island of isolation.