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I am a big NFL fan and love the Tennessee Titans and one thing I have learned over the years is that we are never as good or as bad as I think we are. I also listen to many hours of sports talk radio every week and I know fans like me are prone to overreact every game. In ministry it seems we are all prone to do the same and overreact when we face success and challenge from week to week. We forget that our ministries are never as good or bad as what we perceive. When we overreact we have to deal with the consequences…

  • When we overreact we vent at volunteers instead of mentoring and leading them.
  • When we overreact we make changes without thinking of the consequences.
  • When we overreact we force our staff and volunteers to learn to tune us out.
  • When we overreact we quit casting vision so we can focus on small problems.
  • When we overreact we stop trusting God to work beyond our effort.
  • When we overreact we miss working on what matters most in our ministry.
  • When we overreact we show our supervisors they can’t trust us to stay cool under pressure.
  • When we overreact we doubt our calling.
  • When we overreact we stop trusting people around us.
  • When we overreact we stop clarifying the win with our team.

Don’t be that leader! The next time you feel the urge to overreact slow down, think, pray, evaluate, get a different perspective, and then move forward. Show God and the team around you that you can be trusted under pressure and stop overreacting.

What are some consequences you have faced because you overreacted?