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Spending the next two days here at the STORY Conference. STORY is a conference dedicated to the creative process and those who are trying to communicate the Gospel to this generation. This is not your typical lineup of communicators and the crowd has been limited to 500 people…that is so different! Two of the things that I am most passionate about is communicating and creating environments where people can connect with God. I think this is going to be right up my alley. The rest of the week I am going to be blogging from the conference so look back for updates. If you are on Twitter you can follow along at #story10

>>>Here is who we will be hearing from this week >>>

Dan Allender – best-selling author, professor at Mars Hill Graduate School
Charlie Todd – creator of Improv Everywhere in New York City
Princess Zulu – AIDS victim from infancy, advocate for the oppressed
Jason Fried – founder of 37Signals, creator of Basecamp, author of Rework
John Sowers – president of Donald Miller’s The Mentoring Project
Shauna Niequist – former creative director at Mars Hill, author of Bittersweet
David Hodges – formerly of the band Evanescence, award-winning songwriter
Leonard Sweet – futurist, author of 40 books, professor at Drew University
David McFadzean – creator of Home Improvement, producer of Roseanne
Richard Walter – accomplished screenwriter and professor of film at UCLA
Sean Gladding – member of Communality, a new monastic community
Andrew Klavan – author of True Crime (Clint Eastwood) and numerous novels
Gary Dorsey – founder of Pixel Peach Studio in Austin, TX
Music by Vicky Beeching, Kari Jobe and Carlos Whittaker