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I have been through a few weeks of evaluating and thinking through different youth ministry strategies. There are so many strategies that ministries use and so many of them are making a difference. Many youth ministries have a strategic plan but there are also just as many organizations looking to the past and moving through year after year of ministry with teens by implementing mindless programs ran because tradition says that they should work. There is no thought given to WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? Strategy leads us to to plan our direction not rely on good intentions. Andy Stanley says our direction, not our intentions determine our destination. Our strategy helps keep on track, plan with purpose, and provide a way to measure what matters. One of the best things that happened to our team at Relevant Student Ministry was that we started from day one with a strategy we would embrace with passion. We believe God has called us to fulfill our strategy here in our city. When things have been hard we had a plan to keep working on. When things have been good we have been able to give credit to God and this strategy he planted in our hearts. If you are out there and you are leading a youth ministry take the time to nail down your strategy. Read, pray, study the Bible, talk to other leaders, go to conferences, listen to podcasts…MAKE SURE YOUR MINISTRY HAS A STRATEGY YOU CAN EMBRACE…then work that plan with passion.