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If you are going to lead a team on a mission trip then your strategy will determine much of the success of your team. When I talk about strategy and missions I am simply asking what are you going to do and how are your going to do it. Having the right plan for your team can help you make a real impact. Having the wrong plan and make a trip miserable. Our strategy for mission work revolves around kids because we are a church that is focused on reaching kids. We have tons of teens who serve children every week. The bridge for us has been natural to connect missions and working with kids. The three factors that will shape your strategy on a trip are…

  1. What is my church passionate about? Many times the heart of your church will shape how you develop your mission trip strategy. Like I said, Grace Community is passionate about working with kids and parents and that desire shapes what we do on mission trips. We believe if you change the life of a kid you shape the future of a family.
  2. What skills do my leaders have? The skills of your team will help you decide your mission trip strategy. Your leaders need to be doing things they really enjoy. Is it construction? Is it youth ministry? Is it evangelism? Is it working with the homeless? Make sure your team is passionate about your plan!
  3. What are my teens doing during the rest of the year? If you lead student ministry then you need to check out what your teens are involved in the rest of the year. Our teens work with kids…they do great working with kids on mission trip. Check into what your teens are good at and build your plan around the gifting of your teens.