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Summer break is just a few weeks away and for those of us who invest in teens and summer brings opportunity to mix things up. Seriously, there is no reason to not mix things up in your ministry every summer. I know some of you try to keep normal programming going but I promise if you plan a different summer schedule you will bring fresh energy to the ministry you lead. For the past five years we have changed things up in the summer and it has created buzz for the fall. We have worked hard to find a summer plan that created momentum, blocked off time to intentionally invest in teens, and space so our volunteers could have a break. Every summer plan will be unique but here some ideas that help us guide the summer planning process.

make summer intentional // camp, groups, events, gatherings, mission trips…make sure everything you invest in during summer is intentional and has a goal. Your mission is to reach teens not create a social life for a small group of kids. Make sure you know why you are doing what you are doing.

make it fun // summer =fun so make sure plenty of fun is included in every event you do during the summer. Fun leads to making memories. I also find when kids have fun they are more open to allow you to invest in them spiritually.

change the pace // never keep the same schedule as you do during school for summer. Make it different. Give leaders a break. Give your teens a different experience. Changing the pace keeps things fresh.

build relationships // summer is a great time to connect with teens and get to know them better at camp or on a mission trip. Make sure your leaders know summer should lead to deeper relationships.

plan and pray toward fall // this is a big key. Bring in some of your core leaders and allow them to speak into fall and the ministry plan there! Give leaders a voice and ask them to help make the dream a reality.