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Oh man, I am so stoked for 24 to begin on Sunday. Chelsea and I got hooked this year and it is all Brandon Reed’s fault. That guy got us hooked and we can not stop watching. we even watched them out of order and got hooked. It will be fun to see how jack saves the world this season. I love the fact that it is so unpredictable and no one is spared surprises. The way season one ended set it all up. Amazing!

We are back on track with ministry here at Transformed. We launched out mid week gathering called back in full swing Wednesday and it was an incredible time. It is so amazing to see students look forward to connecting with God and with other teens on Wed. nights. We chose to shut down for three weeks this Christmas to give our team a break and the kids came right back in groove. They were ready to roll and God did move. it just goes to prove that you can take breaks…this generation understands that fact. If the leadership is fresh then the environment can stay fresh. it is great to be back. Brandon spoke this week and I am up next week. Soon we will have our podcast back rolling…maybe…HA!

Well – 24 is coming…it is late and I am going to read. I am reading a new Brennan Manning book right now. it is new to me, he always has some great insight to gain from. Also, Rob Bell’s new book is on pre-order on Amazon and it will be on my desk soon. GOING TO READ…