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Want to take the communication in your student environment to the next level? Get a plan. Something happened when we finally discovered the power of planning and partnership at Relevant Student Ministry…our communication with students and parents got so much better. Parents understood our communication goal and students left week after week knowing our bottom line. How did we get there? We partnered with the team at xp3 students and began the process of collaboration. I am amazed by how many student ministries are trying to create all their curriculum on their own. With xp3 we are able to choose our sequence of teaching but have so many creative, small group, and teaching elements ready for us to use in our environment. I don’t have to create series graphics. I don’t have to write small group questions. I don’t have to create a video bump. Those things are done for me and I get to focus on making the message work for the students who come every week. I am a better leader and communicator because of this partnership. I hope you will check out xp3 students, just click on the graphic above. Teach…with a plan!