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We decided several years ago that we would be very intentional with who we asked to join youth mission teams. Our goal is simple…we want a team that is going to work together with one single goal of serving others. The people you select have a direct impact on how much you accomplish in the lives of others and how much God can shape the lives of your team. The level of life change increases when you have the right team in place. When we build a team for a mission trip this is who we are looking for…

  • Leaders who will lead and serve // Your team leaders set the tone for everything that happens on a student ministry mission trip. You may be an amazing student pastor but if you have distracting adult leaders your team will have a hard time being effective. Make sure you bring the right leaders so you can make the greatest impact in the life of other teens and the people you are serving.
  • Teens who get it // It is important to have teens on a mission trip who are already serving in your student ministry, city, and church. Teens that have a heart to make a difference will show it all year round. Make sure you have plenty of these leaders on the team.
  • Teens in process // Look around and find teens you see God working in and are ready for another step forward. It is so amazing to watch teens “get it” while serving others. God can work in powerful ways while on a mission trip. Serving opens up people like nothing else.
  • People who are flexible // This is big. Make sure you bring people who will be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. I have never led a mission trip that went according to plan. Make sure you take people who will follow your lead when circumstances change.