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One principle that I have learned over the past 4 years at the Orange Conference has been¬† the potential of teamwork in our family ministries. As a student pastor I was always skeptical about partnering with the kids ministry or college ministry. I had a plan, I had a budget, and I did not want those leaders to get in my way. The only interaction I had with the kids ministry was in the form of complaints about how loud our band was. 4 years ago I became the family pastor / student pastor at Grace Community and I was responsible for creating a team that would defy the odds and actually function as a team. From the first Orange Conference to 2010 every year has helped me see the power of partnership. I have watched our team (preschool, k-5, teens, and college) come together, serve together, plan together, and laugh together. I have learned from other churches about how they share resources to better reach this generation of kids and families. At Orange I get to watch 4,000-5,000 people investing in the next generation come together and worship, learn, and celebrate. When it comes to family ministry teamwork is possible. We simply have to slow down long enough to value each member of our ministry team and serve one another. This generation is ready for us to rethink church…rethink ministry…rethink what following Christ looks like. Next generation leaders…rethink that process TOGETHER. You have the potential to shape the future of the church¬† and the future of families every Sunday and it’s time to unite. Teamwork is possible!