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Nothing compares to the energy and passion of teenagers serving inside the local church. When we launched Grace Community 5 years ago we decided that we would leverage the leadership ability of teenagers. 5 years later when I look around at the volunteer leadership at GCC teens rise to the top. I am always blow away by their passion and dedication when we give them significant opportunities to make a difference. Here are a few reasons we think it is drastically important to give teens the chance to serve now…

  • When teens serve now they grow in their relationship with Christ…faster // there is just something significant that happens in the heart when we serve, our faith is tested!
  • When teens serve now they have more adult mentors investing in their life // we think every teen needs 5 adults who know and encourage them…one small group leader is not enough.
  • When teens serve now they connect to the CHURCH not just our student ministry. // student ministries will never be able to replace what happens when all generations gather to serve God through this thing we call church.
  • When teens serve now they discover ways to use their talents and abilities for the Kingdom of God // that might just help them have a head start when they head to college
  • When teens serve now they discover they are NEEDED in the local church // they find a place to belong not just attend