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  • Thankful each week I get to serve teens here in Clarksville with our team of volunteers!
  • Thankful Remix (our weekly gathering) grew in amazing ways. Thanks to everyone who invited friends into this weekly experience.
  • Thankful we were able to partner with One Church and launch a second location of REMIX.
  • Thankful for Grace Community Church believing and funding our effort to serve teens in this city!
  • Thankful that St. B Christian Church allows us to rent their facility!
  • Thankful that each weeks teens get to experience community through small group not just a big gathering!
  • Thankful for the team at xp3 and partnership with have with them with our small group material and series!
  • Thankful for an amazing team of volunteers who make this thing happen each week!
  • Thankful we get to connect and empower parents as they invest in their teens.
  • Thankful our all the work our worship leaders (Mike Grayson, Will Mckelvy and Grant Brashears) invest into REMIX and the amazing job the REMIX band does each week.
  • Thankful for our students proving to me that “youth ministry” can be different. To all of you who come to REMIX each week, you are each so amazing. I am blessed to be able to hang out with you and invest in your life each week!

This was our final REMIX of 2009 and I am just overwhelmed looking back at what God has done. It has been an amazing fall…I cannot wait to see what God does next!