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Chelsea and I hosted a table tonight at the Young Life Clarksville banquet and once again this year I am reminded how thrilled I am that YL is here in our city. If you have a YL in your city please take time to see how your youth ministry and church can support the work of YL. We have YL in three of our high schools here in the city and we pray we can see every high school here have YL in action. Tonight I had the chance to hear from one of our teens that goes to Grace Community talk about how Young Life had made a difference in his life. I watched his YL leader stand next to him. It was amazing to hear his heart and know that GCC had a small part in his life. I was just as excitd to know he had a place to BELONG at YL! Youth Ministry is about seeing teens embrace Christ and here at GCC we feel like we have 2 student ministry efforts rolling to make a difference in the live of teens. Yes, I direct relevant student ministry here at GCC but we also support and believe in Young Life. We give to YL! We think it works! Why do we believe in Young Life? Here are a few reasons…

  • YL has a clear focus on being present on high school campuses and sharing the message of Jesus Christ. Yea, it works!
  • YL connects with kids that would never check out our church or youth ministry first. They go where we can’t!
  • YL has staff and volunteers working at each school! Yea, it works!
  • YL helps teens discover Christ and then through a small group process help teens GROW in their faith! IT IS RELATIONAL!
  • YL helps teens connect with church…YES we have tons of teens at GCC because of YL and it is cool to see them serve and connect each week.
  • YL stives for excellence…we believe in excellence.
  • YL trys to do a few things really well…I love that strategy.
  • YL trains up volunteers to invest in teens. THAT IS THE HEART OF YOUTH MINISTRY!

Thanks to YL clarksville for investing in the lives if teenagers! I am stoked we get to do ministry together here in this city.