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Hooked on this show on the food network. One of my favorite restaurants in the world is Bell Buckle Cafe in Bell Buckle TN, a place just like you see on the show. Guy needs to visit Bell Buckle! There are some things that stand out about all the places the show visits…here is what I am seeing.

  1. somebody had a dream to do things “their way” and started a new restaurant
  2. every “dive” started with a risk…there is not a shortage of restaurants anywhere!
  3. every “dive” does something unique that makes it stand out
  4. every “dive” has a few things they do and do well, none of them do EVERYTHING!
  5. people who come say they have a great experience each time they come back
  6. people tell others about the amazing food they get at the restaurant, the product is real!
  7. the “dives” stay packed because they deliver and because PEOPLE CAN NOT STOP TELLING OTHERS ABOUT IT!

Ok ok ok…we need some youth ministries, children’s ministries, college ministries, and church plants to watch this show and think about what they can do to stand out. YES I AM BEING SERIOUS! Here is an idea…we need God to give us unique visions for the unique cites, and unique cultures we serve and we need to be willing to take the risk to make it happen. What about what you do stands out as SPECIAL or UNIQUE to the ministry you lead. I know there is balance, I strive to learn from others and look for what WORKS all the time. I have implemented some great things from other ministries in our church and family ministry BUT nothing makes me more excited than when God shows our team something unique that we need to implement for our local environment! When you can look at something that works at your place that is unique is the moment you get to throw your hands up and give GOD the credit. That really is the goal…God gets the credit!

So….what makes your “dive” stand out? I am done here I am going to finish this episode on food network!