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The best part about the Olympics is that they only happen every four years. Seriously, what makes the Olympics great is that there is such a large gap in between the games. The gap in between games gives us time to actually look forward to these 2 weeks. The space in between games allows the host city to prepare for the games. The break in between games gives athletes time to prepare so they bring their best effort to the competition. The four year gap between the Olympic games is what makes the two weeks we are currently in so special for people all over the world. Here is a lesson all of us who lead in ministry could learn. Time between high impact events is perfectly fine and may even enhance your event. When we find something that works the first thing people ask is, when are we going to do that again? It takes courage to space high impact events apart because people always want more of a good thing. The problem is that people also can get burned out and tired of the great events create. If people are asking for more of something you are doing never automatically start doing it all the time. Make sure you space what you are doing out in a way that allows the people you are investing in to prepare, invite friends, and provide your team time to sure everything is done with excellence! Make sure everything you are doing through the ministry you lead is done with purpose, excellence, and spread out to best enhance your ministry goals.