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I am here blogging on a borrowed Internet connection. I thought I would write out some of our final countdown issues of moving. On Monday we had several things go down that were cray. One one day untility folks cut our phone line which cut my Internet connection then that night my xbox broke, then I screamed then I picked up a book and started reading. I may be the only guy in the world who has xbox, Internet and reading all on the same level. Do not play xbox much but in the middle of packing a 11 pm session of Madden is good for the soul. BUT like many things this week I had to change plans. Changing plans seems to be a skill every parent must get good at. Kids are ready to go to church, one year old poops her diaper. House is clean, 4 year old decides to put play makeup on the floor. Got tickets to go to the big game, someone at home is sick. It seems if you can not change plans this parenting thing will be hard. I am learning that changing plans means being willing to admit life is NOT about me but about serving those around me and relationships that matter. Go figure, this is hard for a selfish guy like me. I get told I am selfish by certain folks in my life and I am working on it. But enough, this week I am learning to be flexible, enjoy changes, trust God is going to sell my house here in VA, have fun in the middle of change, and laugh – laugh alot.

went to the zoo with the kids for the last time yesterday and the beach for the last time in Va on Sunday. Kozbi and I have 2 jars of sand coming to TN with us so that when we need to be at the ocean we can run our hands through the sand. Kelyn tried to eat sand Sunday night but man she had fun. At the zoo, a goose tried to attack us and Chelsea threw a box of crackers at it then I went after the goose with Kelyn’s stroller, you should have seen me chase that goose. I was protector guy right then!