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Spending the afternoon installing Fellowship One on computers for our preschool and K-5 check-in areas at our new campus in north Clarksville. Our first test run is this Sunday and our launch is January 30. One thing launching a new campus has done for our team is force us to rethink everything! We have processed setup, check-in, small groups, large group, how we communicate with parents, our family experience, and how we train our volunteers. We are trying some new things and we are using this launch to experiment with ways to make life better on our first campus also. I have been blown away by the lessons we have learned so far. Starting something new brings life and energy. Sure it is hard work but anything new is difficult. Our goal the next two weeks is to learn, listen, and make a good first impression. Will everything work right…NO. Will everything we have ordered for the new campus be here…NO. What we can do is strive to make a good first impression and work hard to make sure when families arrive here they have a good experience.