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We are constantly trying to sync what happens at home and church at Grace Community Church. Why keep parents in the loop with what is being talked about at church? We do it because what is talked about at home…modeled at home…lived out at home is just as important as what happens at church. This month my 7 year old is talking about the virtue of initiative in Cross Street. This is one of those months where we have been able to talk about the virtue as a family every day. Initiative is one of those things that parents GRIPE about together when talking about their kids. It has been fun to watch my girls challenge me on things they see that need to be done. It has also given me a chance to encourage my girls to see what needs to be done on their own…AND TAKE ACTION. So thankful for a preschool and children’s ministry that empowers me as a Dad. I am thankful for God Time Cards that help guide us through discussing the virtue during the week. I’m thankful for a family experience every month that allows our family to have fun and learn together. I’m thankful for being kept in the loop by weekly emails about what will be talked about in my girls’ small groups. Never forget that what happens at home is just as important as what we do on Sunday mornings!