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Joined my brothers and dad for a trip to Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky this week…just a quick trip to do a little hiking and hang out. We made it to the top of the natural bridge today and it was amazing. The view alone was worth the trip but what made it even better is that feeling of “adventure” that comes from getting out of the normal routine and doing something involving risk. John Eldridge says in his book Wild at Heart, “…in the heart of every man is a desperate desire for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.” As much as we need time away with friends and family…adventure that we seek out on a trip…I think we also need to make sure we are living an adventure in our daily life. What we need more than ever are men and women willing to live out the God given adventure of expanding the Kingdom of God. I didn’t say maintaining your church, ministry, or organization. I am talking about moving in a new direction, solving a problem that has not been solved, doing things different, or creating a new environment that might help us connect with people far from God. Advancing the Kingdom of God is not about maintenance, it is about adventure and innovation. I was reminded today that I thrive in the midst of adventure. I need to be in forward motion and I am glad to be on a team who strives for the same thing. Maybe if you feel stuck in life, in your ministry, in our family you need to add a little adventure. Take a risk…go for it!