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I have basketball on the brain. I have watched way too many hours of basketball this month and this past Friday I got to go to St. Louis with my wife and watch Tennessee beat Ohio State…for sure the biggest win in UT basketball history. Today I had to watch the Vols lose to Michigan State and exit the tournament one win away from the Final Four. Yep…it was hard. Yep…I was sad. After the game it got me thinking about why people love to watch the NCAA tournament. Seriously, why do people watch teams play they never watch the rest of the year? I think it boils down to the power of possibility. 64 teams enter this thing and one comes out on top. This year for sure has proven that any team can advance and any of the 64 teams can win the championship. Today my team went down and I immediately started pulling for another team and the possibility of what could be next week in the Final Four. What does that have to do with everyday life? We serve a God who is a God of unlimited possibility. Yes I know many of our churches have tried to control God with our small minded theology’s and empty traditions but God is not containable. Scripture says…

“What is impossible for people is possible with God.” Luke 18:27 (NLT)

This is the God we serve. This is the God of our salvation. What is impossible for us is possible for God. What if our churches became places where God does the impossible? What if our student ministries reached the impossible kid, helped teens navigate impossible problems? What if we actually began to pray for God to do what seems impossible in our own families? We all desire to be a part of the kind of spiritual community where we see God do impossible things. I personally am tired of just reading the scripture and gazing at what impossible things God did in the past. I want to contiue to look for what impossible things God is doing right here and right now. That is what God is still doing…that is what’s possible!