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Most of life is made up of responses? Responding to people, responding to problems, responding to success, responding to hurt…Response is a pretty big thing. This week I had the chance to watch a student I have mentored respond to a difficult situation. It was so exciting to see maturity rise to the top in the middle of chaos. My friend had spent several weeks planning an event at school. Tons of time, tons of effort and the event turned out great. After the event a teacher confronted him and was very sarcastic in asking why something was not done the way she wanted it. The student thought it was a joke then later asked the teacher if there was a problem. THEN CAME THE RESPONSE MOMENT – the teacher shared their feelings and added several wonderful choice words and attacked my friends character. WOW, how would you respond. The student apologized then wrote a letter formally apologizing later that day. With all he could have said and all the commotion that could have been caused the student apologized and moved on. Really he did nothing wrong but he apologized for missing a detail important to this teacher. What a response! This is the verse I was reminded off…

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger. Proverbs 15:1

My friend had every right to throw that teacher under the bus and cause a major stink over what was said and done. He could have fired back and been confrontational. He chose to respond with respect and patience. He chose the gentle response. Sounds like something Jesus would do. There is a time to confront. There is a time to respond in tons of different ways. We must know the God does care about the response we choose. How we respond to life determines the outcome of so many situations. No matter what we just need to respond well. Thanks to my friend for the reminder.