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This is my favorite picture from Christmas this year because it reminds me of this simple things that make Christmas so incredible. There have been so many moments over the past few days that help me remember the blessing of family, the joy of the simple gift, and the reality that Jesus came to earth to be among us and live life with us, to deliver us. We got our kids some incredible things this year but this picture on the blog is of Kelyn getting a new “lovie”. She has had a pink one like this since she was born but we needed a backup and it came this year. When she opened it she ran around the room hugging it! Another incredible moment was when Kozbi asked why no one was talking about Jesus yesterday with our visits to family. Her solution was to go make pictures of the nativity and give them away to family members, IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I know this time of the year can be stressful but it is a great time to connect with family, to look back on the year, to celebrate God’s gift in Jesus, and to let other know how much you do love them.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the Christmas WEEK…it is a week long thing for us!