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I’m coming off an incredible experience last week at The Orange Conference. I learned so much and connected with so many incredible leaders from across the country. In the past there have been many weeks following a great conference that I almost got overwhelmed from all the ideas and thoughts I wanted to share with others and implement in my ministry setting. What I have learned is you need a post conference plan ad much as you need a plan going into a conference. When we attend a conference we choose breakouts, set up meetings, and circle the main sessions we know we don’t want to miss. We have a plan! You need a plan coming off a conference to make sure you are able to squeeze as much as possible out of the experience without letting what you learned push you off course or bring you discouragement because you can’t implement things as fast as you want. Here are few ideas to help you move forward…

  • If God have you something specific for your life, share it with one other person. // This is big in two ways. When God speaks we need to share it with someone so go ahead and find someone you trust and process what God said to you with them. Also when we go ahead and have the courage to share what God said we are less likely to push it away and just forget what God tried to communicate to us. Many times getting busy leads us to push aside God’s mission for our life.
  • Looks back over you notes and decide what’s most important. // When you look back over what you learned some things are going to stand out. Make those things your priorities and take action. Also make another list of things that can wait. Great ideas have to trump good ideas.
  • Decide what you learned that your team needs to hear. // The people (staff and volunteers) back at church can’t hear or understand everything you learned so choose what is most important and share it with your team.
  • Allow what you learned to bring focus not discouragement. // Sometimes coming back from a conference makes us wonder why people around us just don’t get it? Why are things not moving faster? That is a trap so move forward ASAP! Get focused, not discouraged. True leadership means we step out and lead our team in the right direction and that will take time.