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Ok, weekends for me mean Friday and Saturday and it is going to be a fun weekend. Valentines Day is this weekend and that is a big deal in a house full of women. Got some great gift ideas for Koz and Kel and Chelsea and I are going on a little Nashville date Saturday. Guys, do not wait till this one dumb day to let your girls know you love them but remember, DO NOT MESS IT UP EITHER. It does matter, so go for it. My mom is coming in for a few days and I really miss her. My kids miss their Nana, I miss my MOM. Pumped she will be here.

At GCC this week we continue the ‘Am I the Only One” series. God is really at work right now in our church. I wish I could talk about some of the upcoming plans for each week but for all you GCCers I do not want to ruin the moment. Just trust me, you do not want to miss a week of this series or the next one coming up called “Epic.” On the student ministry front, we finish our series called DOUBT this coming Wednesday and I really excited about the service. Remix is going to be great next week. Ok done with GCC talk for the week. Here comes Sunday!

On the TV front…24, the Office, Lost, and American Idol have all been amazing. WOW…tonight on the office when Kelly took the nap was amazing AND my family is pumped about the 36 folks that made it in Idol. Our DVR is burning it up right now!

I have been in the MAC world for over a year, love the new design but man my MacBook is still going strong. The best tech decision I made last year was coming into the light! Do not think I can go back. I have a Dell and a MacBook in the office but I could not make it without the Mac. I am in for good. The Bayne HOME will switch next!