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┬áThe “work environment” is changing and I think for the better. The way we work, create, and lead is shifting in this generation and I love learning from leaders who are trying to shake up the status quo. I just finished reading two must read books that focus on the way we work and the way we make ideas become a reality. If you lead any size organization, church, business, or department then you need to check out these 2 books and process how these ideas might enhance your environment.

REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson of the company 37 Signals wrote this book to provide an inside look at the work environment around their company. The book will make you uncomfortable, make you think, and make you evaluate why you do what you do at work. Why do we meet? How should we plan? Why do we never evaluate how and why we work. The book asks some amazing questions and provides some ideas that I think could help most organizations work better. Because this is an inside look at one organization you will not agree with everything but you will be pushed to think outside the box.

MAKING IDEAS HAPPEN by Scott Belsky is a book aimed straight at the heart of those who create. All of us have ideas. Making an idea become a reality is the hard part. I talk to so many great leaders who serve in churches all across the country who are great idea generators but terrible when it comes to delivering results. This is a book that will help you structure your work so you make you ideas come to life. This is a call to action. This is a must read for creatives inside the church. Check it out!