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Teens think global. They get that they are a part of a bigger picture. They understand how blessed they are to live in a nation like the United States and they want to be a part of the solution when it comes to addressing global conflict, poverty and injustice. Who better to call this generation to action that those of us who follow Jesus? This summer we are asking Relevant Student Ministry to Think about the difference they can make in one country…Kenya…while helping kids there get an education. Want to know more? Check out this video…make plans to give what you can at REMIX united or use the Text THINK to 50555 plan talked about in this video! We can start a revolution of hope in one country and Relevant Student Ministry is joining the cause this summer. Watch this video and sorry it cuts out some of the video, just double click on the video itself and it will take you to Youtube or click on the graphic above and you can see the video at!