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This is going to be a fun weekend. The NFL kicks off tonight. The Titans get a shot at the Jags and will fight hard this weekend. I get to speak at a leadership conference on Saturday for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, yes I love getting to invest in students and youth workers. We have Operation Serve sign up on Sunday at church and we launch a new series we are excited about. I get to hang with my family and go with my girls to the RHS / CHS WARFIELD BOWL on Friday. It just does not get much better.

I look at the busy pace of the weekend and I am still excited. Being lazy is great but being busy with stuff you enjoy can be fun too. No matter what your preference, we all need time to shut it down from work. We need to shift our brains toward a different direction and trust God to take care of the THING we work at all week. When we rest we prove we trust God and that has nothing with not working hard. It shows we can pace ourselves, rest, and get ready to give 100% when it is time to roll on Monday…well Sunday morning for me…

Go Titans, will not pick them like I picked the Vols last week, I am still shell shocked!!!