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Well, it is March and I am excited about Tennessee making it into the Big Dance and playing this weekend in the SEC tournament. I am hoping that we make a good show in both tournaments. Bruce Pearl has done such a great job leading a team that is not as talented as last years team. Bruce has energy but he treats his players with respect and always stays in control. he sweats a ton but hey, sweating is good for ya, I guess. I would love to see UT make it to the sweet 16. I am going to see Mississippi College play b-ball here in VA this weekend. They are in the Division 2 sweet 16 and we have a bunch of kids that go there so here is goes…GO MC! That is all about basketball…

My dad is coming in next weekend and I am counting the days. I have not seen dad since Christmas and I miss him for sure. We are gonna fix some stuff around the house and hang out. I am stoked about installing new counter tops…yea it is gonna be fun. It is always to do stuff like this with dad, last year we built a swing set, that was cool. I feel manly when I build jank – go figure.

Keeping up with American Idol, All I have to say is go Chris Sly…that cat sang a Mute Math song and it was sweet. I am also stoked about 24 – man it is a great season. I want my tivo – I need a DVR.

Me and God – well that is always a journey. God has really been teaching me to just seek him and rest in Him all at the same time. He is enough. I am reading some great books right now. Rick McKinley’s book Beautiful Mess has been so good. Rick is revealing what life looks like when we live aware of being a part of the Kingdom of God. It is so amazing to look to Jesus as King Jesus, as the ruler he is. reading the books of Acts right now in the morning and man is it fun to see what God did through the birthing of a movement. The message of Jesus could not be stopped by the religious leaders religious controllers in the days of Christ and it will not be held back by any force today. God is amazing.