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This year here at Relevant Student Ministry we want to engage parents. We are taking our parent strategy to the next level because we believe what happens at home matters. I love teenagers, but every parent I know cares more about their teen than I do. Parents feel responsible for their son or daughter’s spiritual journey but many times do not know how to connect with their teen when dealing with spiritual issues. Relevant wants to help that process. We want to engage parents and partner with them as they invest in their kids. Imagine what student ministry and parents working together looks like! I know it is hard because parents usually just drop kids off at church and hope it might work. This year we are going to try to make it as easy as possible for parents to experience what happens in our weekly gathering as possible. We will continue our podcast so parents can listen in to the message each week. We will be launching a parent blog as a place where parents can interact, think, ask questions, and get weekly updates about what happens at REMIX. Also we are going to strive to make a digital bridge between our small group leaders and parents. Parents will get a weekly update email from their teen’s small group leader to give the parent some insight about what we talked about at REMIX and some ideas about how parents can engage in dialogue with their kids about the same issues. Our hope is that parents will begin to TALK with their teens about faith. We want to give parents tools to make this process natural. Relevant Student Ministry and the home can work together to make a greater impact.