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In most churches we ask teens to come on Sunday mornings and go to a class. How do I know that? I grew up in that model. Teens grow in their faith as they gather to encounter God, commit to live life with others through small groups, and SERVE! At Relevant we want to release students to serve NOW. We believe every student at GCC should have a place to serve and a cause to fight for. This generation is not willing to sit by and watch the world go by. Teens today want to make a difference and it is our hope we can help them move in that direction. At Remix we are going to be revealing some causes we support by week three and calling our small groups to fight to make a difference for one of them this year. Through Relevant we are going to help students to find places to serve in and outside the church. This is not just about Grace Community either. We have students each week at REMIX who go to churches all over Clarksville with their family. We simply want to call every student we serve. Why ask teens to sit on the sidelines and simply attend. Let’s call them to make a difference NOW.