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We made it to night one of REMIX this year and once again I was blown away with how God worked. I wanted to take a minute and process what went well about the first night. I have so many people to thank so HERE GOES…thoughts from the first night.

  • The REMIX band…WOW you guys did an amazing job getting ready for this fall and it paid off big Wednesday night. Will Mckelvy hit a home run leading.
  • The Crowd…to all of you who came, YOU ARE AMAZING. We had one of our biggest crowds at REMIX and the energy was thick. We get to serve an amazing group of students here in Clarksville.
  • our REMIX small group leaders...for tons of our leaders this was their first night at REMIX. We watched out new team get to know kids and serve and we are so stoked about this group of leaders. WE LAUNCH SMALL GROUPS next week!
  • Katrina did an amazing job getting all he administrative stuff ready to go. Thanks so much!
  • Tech team did a great job dialing in the sound and video this week. Great job with managing the environment.
  • Nate Edmondson, great job planning the worship set and producing the intro video. I am going to miss ya man!
  • Parents…thank you for letting us partner with you to invest in your teens. Thanks to all of you who stuck around to experience night one at REMIX.
  • Grace Community…thanks for supporting Relevant Student Ministry and allowing us to think outside the box as we invest in teens and families. REMIX is what it is because Grace Community has supported the dream financially. Thanks so much for believing in us!