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This afternoon our Rossview Campus Pastor Eddie Christenberry yelled across the hall to me letting me know there had been a bombing at the Boston Marathon. Like all of you, we began to follow the tragedy online and work to discover the details. Our staff is praying for everyone involved in this mess. Because we are all connected through social media we grieve with with the people involved. It’s hard to understand how something like this could happen and in these moments all we can do is invite God to bring healing and shape our perspective.

When things like this happen my immediate response is to go into “dad mode” and think about it from a parents point of view. I immediately think about how this even will impact families forever. I think I go there because I am a dad and I know that no matter how much I work to protect my children there are just things beyond my control. This is a reminder to me that time is limited. God has given me a block of time to invest in my children and I have to be a good steward of that gift. If time is limited then how I use the time I have with my family matters GREATLY!

You may not have kids but you do have the same gift that God gave me…time. If time is limited then how we use it matters. I am praying that God will help all of us use our limited time to make much of what matters most…God!