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Hello from Shelbyville…it has been a great Christmas with thew family here. we have had to battle kids having colds and fevers and all that stuff but it has been a great week. We just had our last get together with family tonight and it went great. Kids had a blast and Chelsea’s grandmother loved her gift. it was so cool to see her open it. Both our grandparents are in their 70s so we really want to cherish each holiday we have with them and make sure our kids get to connect with their great grandparents. We praise God for another year of health, that gift is not guaranteed. We head for home soon, looking forward to sleeping in my own bed for sure but It has been sweet to breath TN air (and watch the Titans play Sunday) well here it goes, this is my top 10 list for Christmas in 2006…

10. Watching the Titans beat Buffalo Sunday on my step dads bid screen (sweet)
9. Enjoying a rainy instead of white Christmas (Koz says real Christmas involved snow)
8. Getting my Vince WHITE Jersey! Go # 10
7. Watching kelyn shake her head no at family -it is so funny – right now at the age of 8 months
6. Seeing kelyn want her DAD to rock her and hold her over grandparents….PRICELESS!
5. Watching the Kids open gifts Christmas morning, they were pumped
4. Seeing Koz love her new digital camera for kids, she loves it
3. Going to church with our family Sunday morning…it is all about Jesus!
2. Getting my Vince White jersey GO # 10
1. Watching Koz run to the tree to make sure Santa ate the cookies…

It was all cool – God has been good to us in 2006 and we can not wait to see what adventures come in 2007.