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Had a great day here at Unleash. Have too many thoughts right now to air it all out BUT I have posted pics for the new children and student areas up on my facebook page. Go check it out. One thought before I get out or here today to catch my plane to see my family and enjoy a few inches of snow at home is about SHARING! It is so refreshing to see see the collaboration happening as the church gives away things they have learned. Through this one day conference NewSpring has made it really easy for churches to come in and check things out. Not to come in and copy but to learn…THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE. I am praying that at GCC we can keep that philosophy rolling for with our ministry teams. What we do works for us in Clarksvile but it is for all to share and learn from. Here is a news flash…none of this church stuff is OURS, it belongs to GOD. We do not keep it to ourselves, we give it away and pay it forward. Thanks NewSpring for opening your doors up.