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How packed is your student ministry schedule? Some of us feel like we have to constantly be pulling off an event to justify our staff position. The thought is that we can show the people we report too ALL THE GREAT STUFF WE ARE DOING. Here is a rule I have learned to live by in event planning…


When your team runs from one event to the next with no break and no time to plan you are destined to be too busy to really pull off great events. This applies to weekly events and seasonal events. Some of us have a mid-week service, a Sunday night small group time, Sunday morning Bible Study groups, and weekly fellowship events that we are responsible for making happen. There is no way all of those ministry times get the focus needed and the resources to make them great. Trying to do too many events lead us to many mediocre events that never accomplish the goal we have in mind.

If you want to take your camp, retreat, outreach event, small group, weekly student gathering to the next level…MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TIME TO FOCUS ON MAKING IT GREAT. Do less in order to accomplish greater impact. It takes time and focus to make an event a great experience for teenagers. Be willing to pace yourself. Say no to some opportunities. Stay focused. Build momentum. Move your event from good to GREAT. If you are going to do less in order to do more, take time with your team to figure out what you need to stop doing. Have the courage to slow down in order to focus and take your event to the next level.