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Two years ago I made the jump from a regular cell phone to a smart phone. If you read this blog you know I am an Apple guy so of course I went with the iPhone 3g. I am excited about upgrading to the iPhone 4 in 2011but even right now with my 3g I can’t imagine life without my smart phone now. I think it has made my ability to stay connected while away from the office so easy. It has also enabled me to take my office anywhere I want and stay plugged in. Here are the apps I love and most of these are available for android phones also. Also I am going to cheat and give ya 6…consider it a bonus!

  • Evernote // this is a note application that syncs with Evernote on my mac and online! There is nothing better out there for taking notes then having them available on all your devices. Have an idea…open Evernote and don’t let it slip away!
  • TweetDeck // love using TweetDeck in order to keep track of the twittervere. It also syncs with what is going down on my Mac and allows me to tweet ideas and share pictures fast!
  • Facebook // you know most of our friends are now on FB and these guys have done an amazing job with the app. If I need to get a message to a teen I probably am going to text or FB message!
  • YouVersion // an amazing Bible tool and any version I want!
  • Kindle // I can read any of my Kindle books right on my iphone and any time I read it syncs back to my Kindle!
  • Yelp // at a conference and need to know where to grab lunch…YELP IT…amazing app that allows you to see what people recommend wherever you are in the United States!