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Go to and order this book right now, do not wait, do it now. At Catalyst Seth Godin gave an incredible talk setting up the idea that with leadership today anyone from any level of the organization can influence and lead. After the talk he gave 13,000 people a copy of this book. I got home, read it, was blown away by it! The concept is simple, lead…and people will follow. I am going to do a little experiment, my copy has marked pages all through it…randomly I am going to spit out some GREAT Seth Godin ideas about leadership, then YOU go get the book, lead your TRIBE, and lead well!

“Odds are that growth and success are inextricably linked to breaking the old rules and setting your organization’s new rules loose in an industry afraid to change.” – p.76

“In industry after industry, the market leader isn’t the one who develops the innovation that turns the industry upside down. In organization after organization, real leadership rarely comes from the CEO or senior VP of leadership. Instead it happens out of the corner of your eye, in a place where you weren’t looking.” – 122

“Ideas that spread win. Boring ideas do not spread. Boring organizations do not grow.” – 45