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We are four days away from Easter and the excitement here at the GCC offices is pretty thick. We decided in every ministry area to try some pretty big things this year. We are making room for guests by moving our adult gatherings into the gym at Rossview High School. We are preparing to take our kid’s environments with preschool and k-5 to the next level with some programming changes. We are hoping to make immediate connections with people as we welcome them through our greeters and ushers, even in the parking lot. We are being forced to trust God. Sure we could go through the motions, keep things simple, do what we do each week, but that would lead us to a comfortable place. Our team is being stretched because we are trying some new things this week…and our prayer is that lives are changed. We can’t change lives…God can change lives. I really believe that when we step out in faith and take some new risks we honor God by walking in faith and depending on Him. Just a reminder for all of us leading in the church to try something big. Live by faith…dream big dreams…ask God to do what is impossible.